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Scraper Conversions

   CTE manufactures all sizes of scraper to water wagon conversions. From 5000 gallon to 12,000 gallon rigid or drop style tanks CTE’s conversions are the best in the industry. The internal tank bracing constitutes top and bottom full length 6” I-beams. The beams penetrate the baffles and are pert padded at baffle and head. Those I-beams are free standing and do not contact the tank shell which prevents water traps that can accelerate rusting. Our internal lateral baffles are 100% welded to a continuous pert pad which is in turn 100% welded on both sides to the tank shell. Utilizing the pert pad the full circumference of the tank shell distributes the water sloshing stress over a greater surface to prevent shell tearing.

The CTE “doghouse“ style longitudinal baffle adds considerable structure to the tank as well as compartmentalizing the water control to reduce stress on the tank shell. The water pump hydraulic lines are run through the tank to aid hydraulic cooling of the tractors hydraulic system. Competitive units run carbon steel lines that are cut and welded inside the tank.

Our hydraulic lines are oversized heavy wall single length stainless steel tubing that runs the full length of the tank.

   The one piece tube penetrates each of the baffles and is welded to the baffle for support. There are no internal welds on the stainless tubing to crack and leak hydraulic fluid. All CTE scraper style tanks can be ordered with whatever size pump, spray nozzles, cannons and hose reel that the customer requires. If you’ve got a scraper you were considering retiring from your production spread, consider giving it a new lease on life with a CTE water system.

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