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Rugged Reliable Quality

Welcome to CTE's Website

   I’m assuming that since you are here you are looking for solutions that will apply to your water, maintenance or fuel and lube situations. CTE has been in business since 2003 building products to make life easier for those of us involved in general construction and equipment maintenance. Our products are spread throughout the world in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, SE Asia, China and Mongolia encompassing all phases of construction and mining. CTE has from our very first truck made quality of construction and performance our overarching goal. With over 400 units in the field we have never had a customer that doesn’t like his unit. We have had failures but the difference between us and our competition is that we take care of them.
   All CTE products are designed and built with the end user in mind, not just the equipment manager but the actual unit operator, the guy that’s out there every day spraying water, changing filters, greasing equipment or pumping fuel. Right after high school and during college I spent many hours operating a fuel and lube truck on both landfills and mine sites. That experience is still very vivid in my mind and 40 years later I recall the pain and struggles of poorly designed equipment. Whether I’m sitting with an engineer or standing out on the floor I am always thinking about the guy using our equipment at midnight in a Minnesota winter or a Arizona summer. I believe I am the only principal in our industry that has actually worked as an operator of the equipment he builds. Unfortunately for me nothing like the CTE product was available when I was laying under machines draining oil into buckets but having lived that experience I work with all of the CTE technicians to assure that our product
performance and quality is the absolute best available.

If you can’t find what you're looking for on our site, call me and we can talk about it!

Duncan Brazier

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